Walk With a Big Stick

August 6, 2009

my life without high heels

I’m anxious to get started writing in my new blog, anxious to see where this adventure in self-discovery and exploration of options and solutions takes me, and very anxious to hear back from other people about their experiences, too.  I’m getting this site set-up finished and will start in earnest very soon…stay tuned!


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  1. Hi Jan
    I read with interest your journey with MS mine is as long and similar to your own. I have had MS for 21 years and have just started LDN and sad to say in this enlightened time apart from steroids it is the only drug I have taken I have never been offered any others, one could say it could be an advantage not being as polluted with too many poisons they have used to treat MS thus far.
    I am probably one of the pillars of salt as being in the building trade MS took my work, so I have looked back at how I was, more than once. Hearing of LDN has been the first time I can look at the future, I know it’s a hard road back 21 years it took to get here I’m not going back to building but I know I’m on a new journey.

    Simon Congram

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