Smell the Roses

November 3, 2009

Recently, I drove around the neighborhood running errands. I went to the dry cleaner, picked up prescriptions at the pharmacy, did some shopping at the bookstore, and picked up weekend supplies at the grocery store.  At every stop, there were people who smiled and interacted with me in pleasant ways, with whom I had small conversations that made my afternoon very nice.  On the way home, I found myself smiling with an overwhelming feeling of gladness.  I realized that I had done all these things in one afternoon and was on my way home with enough energy, both emotional and physical, to unload the car. 

Part of this is a positive effect of the low-dose Naltrexone I started 2 months ago, part of it is that the weather is getting cooler and my fatigue isn’t constantly triggered by heat anymore, and part of it is good planning and energy conservation on my part.  But the biggest part was just enjoying good moments on a good day.  I am generally a pretty positive person, but this day was nicer than most and for no real concrete reason, it was just because I took a moment to smell the roses, to appreciate the little moments that came my way that day.

Since I posted the blog last Monday, “Don’t Look Back,” I have talked with many people about the concept of not looking back regretfully with regard to life with MS.  Overwhelmingly, the topic that comes up next in these conversations is that not only is it best not to dwell on what used to be but that in your decisive movement forward it is important and beneficial to go slowly enough to notice the moments in your life that are really good.  There are always times in life when it feels good to be where you are, when you can appreciate a smile from someone, or an important accomplishment, or just that moment when you feel that you are really in this spot for a reason.  I don’t believe anyone’s life is without those moments, but sometimes it’s hard to see them when there are so many worries and fears crowding your mind.  When you can recognize and savor those moments, your life is enriched in very positive ways and in fact, those around you benefit, too.

I just wanted to share that with you…that the other day I suddenly noticed the scent of roses wafting my way in the car, on the way home from the grocery store, on just an average day.  

They sure smelled good.


One comment

  1. What an inspiring post Jan. I too am a positive person, and while I don’t have a non-MS adulthood to look back and yearn for, I do make the best of everyday… and spend a lot of time thinking, writing and often laughing. (I crack myself up!) In spite of all of my coping mechanisms, and my general lust for life, I like anyone can get pulled down by the noise. It’s amazing how powerful minutia can be. And like the small yet powerful moves found in yoga… your post made me pause. I found a reboot that will make today better in inexplicable ways. I will plant my roses and stop and smell them. Thanks for sending me in that direction. It sure feels good~

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