The photo used as my blog header is cropped from my still life piece called “NYT” which is part of my series called “Architectural Fruit Bowl,” shot and exhibited in 2006.  I hold the copyright to this photo and all future photos that I  upload to this blog.    

Contact me here if you are interested in seeing the full “NYT” image, or other photographs of mine.

That beautiful portrait shot of me was done by my friend, fashion photographer, Michael Giordano.  You can contact him at: http://www.giofoto.com/   and  http://www.stylegio.com/

Welcome to Walk With a Big Stick!



  1. I find this blog through the MSIF website. It is interesting, however difficult to read. I don`t know how to adjust the size of the text for an individual web page, and since my eyesight is bad (because of the MS) it would be interesting for me if you could make the text bigger on your site.



  2. Thank you for your comment Chris, you raise a point that I am sure is an issue for many of us with MS…difficulty with eyesight. Please see the detailed response I have sent to your email in large font.
    For the rest of you reading here, I will look into whether I can enlarge the font on this site, but I think I cannot, since it is a pre-set format here on WordPress. My suggestion to Chris was that he highlight the blog he wants to read, copy and paste it into a Word document, then highlight again and enlarge the font to what is comfortable.
    Many computers have a way to enlarge the font on the screen all the time, I did that with my parent’s screen, but not knowing what kind of computers you all have, I can only suggest that you ask for help with that.

    Thanks again Chris for complimenting my site and for bringing this issue to my attention. I will investigate my options and see if it can be solved.


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